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Thanks to our nation. He lost his precious children in the helicopter that crashed near Tatvan. I repeat my wishes of God’s mercy to our soldiers, each of which has a different value. I wish immediate recovery to the injured survivors. I have known General Osman Erbaş since he was a lieutenant. He would have displayed great maturity at that age. He was a dignified, well-equipped officer. On the night of July 15, he had a complete officer attitude.

The reason I wrote this article is that some of the comments about the accident are far from scientific or even moral approach.

Our country has become such that he says whatever comes to his mouth with a microphone stretched in front of him. TVs host whoever he knows and make him talk.

The server doesn’t know the dimensions of the issue. The speaker does not know. Social media is suitable for walking and walking with the attractiveness of conspiracy theories in terms of its general structure.

However, there are two things that can be said: To offer condolences and to offer to wait for the results of the review. Beyond that, the right to speak may be limited to pilots who have flown in the region for a long time or experienced accident-crush team members. As someone who has flown for at least ten hours a week for two years, I don’t think I have the right to speak.

First of all, a helicopter accident is examined by expert accident-crushing teams and they reach the results. Although some of their conclusions are definitive information, some of them can only be put forward as assumptions.

Many factors can cause accidents: those related to helicopters (such as equipment, maintenance, flight preparation, sudden breakdown), those related to pilots (such as experience, health, morale), external factors (such as weather conditions, terrorist threat) … Others may also be added. .

The other issue arising from the speakers is the Cougar helicopters … Indeed, these helicopters are designed for the European operation area; It is not a preferred helicopter for operation in the Southeast and East Anatolia operations area. As this situation is known, it has been used by the Turkish Armed Forces for a long time to transfer between large command centers. The nature of the flight during the accident is also the same.

Can it be claimed that this was the source of the accident, considering that there were three helicopters of the same type that were crushed before?

One of the three previous incidents was hit by a missile; Since the other two are known to be based on being connected to the wire and the high voltage line, the comments made on this issue also seem unfounded. Because, there have been other types of helicopters that were dropped by missiles and broken by wire.

One of the frequent criticisms is that a large number of officers were transported by a single helicopter. Maybe it is an unwarranted criticism, although there is some truth to it. It is due to being unaware of the conditions experienced. Remembering that we are not a rich country and reminding that soldiers require a life full of risks beyond what is calculated is the only fact that will clarify our view.

The first requires a long labor and it is difficult to develop in Eastern societies like ours. In the distant past, this situation was caused by Ibn-i Sina’s, Harezmi’s, Ibn Khaldun’s; This is because the path of reason and science opened by Atatürk in the recent past was pushed aside. Acquisition requires great effort. It is expensive.

Although taking a moral stance requires a certain effort, its cost is low. It’s even free. It is cost-free attitudes not to lie, not to talk about an unfamiliar topic, to shine yourself or to stay away from coercion.

whether there is an accident or a pilot error should be investigated. There have been martyrs in the past due to pilotage error. no lessons were learned from these events.

Thank you very much, commander. Unfortunately, the horse trail interferes with the dog trail in every matter. How nice it is to talk irresponsibly in this country. You are the ones who need to comment.

I read and agree. Commander, You emphasized how important it is to raise people. We have a social structure that goes beyond genetic and personal efforts. Our beloved Atatürk is one of the only people / leaders who have shown their existence in this regard. ….

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