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Yandex plans to remove the Wonder app of its newly launched app from the App Store, which was made a few hours after its first login following Google’s blocking of API access. Wonder, six days ago in the US, as an experimental voice-controlled social search app, users asked “Which bars do my friends go to?” To ask questions like and

Have you ever wondered why a certain news from a particular friend appears on your Facebook News Feed? Think about it – tell me you have 250 friends, how does Facebook decide where to go in the update stream? Whether it’s a friend of a friend you met at a party five years ago, or a company that wants to let you know about a new product, it’s EdgeRank that’s pulling the strings behind the scenes. Actually, Facebook’s EdgeRank ‘

Today Facebook reported its fourth quarter financial performance at $ 1.59 billion in revenue and $ 0.17 on a non-GAAP basis with earnings per share. Analysts had expected $ 0.15 per share in earnings per share, not including the cost of compensation and $ 1.53 billion period income. Obviously, the company cadden

Pocket today, the popular reading app that helps users save and access the content they want, has been updated to support better sharing and deleting items while reading. Native Facebo in version 4.3 as well as the ability to be social with the Sina Weibo network

After a successful fourth quarter, Facebook has something interesting to share about its newly released gifts service – an initiative that didn’t get much attention in the company’s latest earnings report. Facebook Gifts hasn’t spent much time since its launch, but that doesn’t mean the company hasn’t invested heavily in its development. At this point, Facebook is the company’s h

Rainey Reitman of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) was the keynote speaker at Campus Party Brasil this week. The event also launched the hackathon, which the EFF encouraged to relaunch the TOSBack website. Reitman began by talking about the potential of the Internet for activists around the world, from Occupy Wall Street activists to Egyptian protesters. In turn, the surveillance

If you have a concern to pull all messages from your favorite web services into a single silo, this nifty little browser extension might be what you are looking for. Chime for Chrome collects notifications from Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora, Github, Flickr, Foursquare, and Stackoverflow. How does the extension work

Facebook announced that it brought the photo Tag Suggestions feature back to the US after temporarily suspending it last year to make some technical improvements. Facebook says it has reactivated its users so that they can use facial recognition “to help them easily identify a friend in a photo and share that content with them.” Facebook was the first hundred days in the US in late 2010

The path builds on the privacy of user data with the FTC, Facebook issues physical cards for the Gifts product, and reactivates the controversial Photo Tag Suggestions in the US. All in today’s Daily Dose. You can find The Daily Doose on The Next Web every Monday – Friday.

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